Are the holidays getting out of control?

Are all the holidays getting too elaborate and extravagant? In the wake of their overwrought Easter celebrations, the Dads examine the “holiday inflation” that has made every holiday from St. Patty’s to Pi Day take on Christmas-like proportions.

WDP19: Holiday Nonsense by ChicagoParent

From Professor Foster’s 6 foot high teddy bear for Baby Viva, to Todd’s annual jet ski and hang glider purchases for his children, Easter has become another Christmas in the White Dads homes. What’s worse, innocuous holidays like St. Patrick’s Day now involve leprechaun hunts and golden candies (instead of just Fish McBites and Shamrock Shakes).

Does every holiday need a mascot, games, and gifts? Can’t we just have a day off any more? The Dads investigate.

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