Get family travel relief at the Hilton O’Hare

Hilton understands that the term “family vacation” can sometimes feel oxymoronic. They get that you don’t want to sacrifice comfort for convenience or 100 percent believe that getting from Point A to Point B doesn’t have to feel like a trek across the Oregon Trail.

As my family recently discovered, a Family Suite stay at the Hilton O’Hare might just save your sanity. First off, our room was bigger than my first Chicago apartment. Being a Hilton, it already had the comfiest king-sized bed known to man, but the girls were thrilled to discover that the coziness extended to their pull-out couch.

The kids didn’t have too much time to waste on their sleeping arrangements, however; they were too busy going gaga for their travel kits. They each received a drawstring bag with personalized luggage tags, art supplies and activities, and a few toys for the bath. We ended up bringing these kits to dinner and, while the kids made paper airplanes and filled in MadLibs, P.J. and I enjoyed a glass of wine. (I mean, quality family time.) Between that and a quick swim at the hotel’s fitness center, we barely had time to make use of the On-Demand movies and video games.

The rooms were completely darkened and soundproof. Considering that my own home–12 miles from O’Hare–isn’t as quiet, it’s impressive that a hotel on the airport’s property can boast such a claim. And with an underground walkway connecting the hotel to O’Hare’s domestic terminals, your family can actually roll out of bed and stroll to your flight. No taxis. No shuttles.

Plus, since these suites start at $134 a night, you’ll be able to afford a second glass of wine.

Which you’ll need. Because you’re still traveling with your family.

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