A helping hand

Families with loved ones overseas can put their minds—and lawnmowers—at ease this summer with a little help from volunteers. In 2006, Project EverGreen, a national non-profit organization, created GreenCare for Troops, a program to help families with free lawn and landscape care.

Gina Bizoukas, who has been with GreenCare for Troops since 2007, says the program is great because lawn care is one less thing for families to worry about."I wish more people knew about (GreenCare for Troops) and would get involved,” she says.

Currently, the program has 1,300 volunteers and hopes to expand. While most of the volunteers come from landscape contractors, families and schools are encouraged to help out.

The program, which has assisted 5,000 families, hopes to reach its goal of 8,000 families by the end of this year.

Qualified families or volunteers interested in Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops program can request an application online. For more information, visit www.projectevergreen.com or call (877) 758-4835.

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