Help with the iPad

Adam Raby says he conceived of the CushPad, a foam cover for tablet devices such as the iPad, “almost accidentally.”

He was in bed fumbling with his own device when he realized what it needed was a supportive cover that could position it at a 90-degree angle.

For Raby, 29, that would allow him to use it comfortably without fear of dropping the device or struggling to keep it in the right position for long stretches of time.

But after creating an early prototype, Raby saw a new potential.

“There’s this entirely new world for children, especially children with special needs, who rely on their iPad and use it, really, 24 hours a day,” Raby says.

Raby says he’s shopping for local specialty stores to carry the CushPad, which retails for $34.99. There’s a $5 discount online at

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