A night just for the mummies

Last night I hosted my second annual Pre-Hallows Eve. party for a bunch of my mom pals. It’s a night I start thinking about as soon as school starts in the fall. This year I decided it would be a “black party”…ya know, just like P. Diddy does that white party every year? If you have no idea of what I speak, just google it.

Being the sole carrier of the double X chromosome in my family, I use this party as an excuse to go over the top-girlie. Everyone wears black, hot pink martinis are served and all of the decorations are flocked in purple and black feathers, sequins, glitter and glam.

There is something so sweet about a house full of giddy girls with nothing on our to-do lists except to talk, laugh, talk, laugh, talk and laugh some more. It reminds me of my sorority days except way cooler because we aren’t drinking from a funnel and we’re all going home to wonderful, mature, STD-free guys at the end of the night.

A night of girl-centered chatter, loud dance music and getting all glammed up just for the fun of it is good for the soul. At least it is for my testosterone flooded spirit.

Our “girl nights” give us an opportunity to see each other outside of the carpool lane or soccer sideline and remember that underneath the baseball cap, parka, and exercise pants, we’re pretty hot mamas.

So, I’m wondering…what do mom nights out do for you and your inner circle of friends?

And what’s your favorite way to break out of the mommy mold and have a little grown-up girl fun?

Dying to know.

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