Happy Travel Tuesday

If you’re planning to travel any time soon, today is the day to book your flight. If you haven’t already maxed out the credit cards with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, whatever Sunday was called, and Cyber Monday, you have another shot today, with Travel Tuesday.

If you’re heading to Boston or New York City, check out the $49 fares on JetBlue, my favorite airline, especially for traveling with kids. From the free checked bags to the personal television entertainment in the seat backs to the friendly service and on-time performance, this is airline that knows how to take care of kids, which means it knows how to take care of parents. Sadly, Jetblue only flies direct from Chicago to Boston and NYC. And changing flights is never family-friendly.

If you’re traveling sooner, check out Expedia’s “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” deals.

American Airlines has its own deals, including $140 to Denver through early March. Those deals are rare (so log on right now if you’re interested) and end tonight at midnight.

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