Halloween costume ideas for Chicago families

Halloween isn’t just a holiday for kids to dress up; adults can take part in the fun too! I love getting my kids ready for Halloween every year and I also love dressing up myself too.

My family has a big Halloween party every year and we keep our costumes a secret until the party. Half of the fun is seeing what everyone dressed up as!

Today, I am going to share a few of our past Halloween costumes for adults and children. Some are homemade, some are semi-homemade, and some are store bought but all of them are fun!!

Luigi riding Yoshi

This was one of my favorite costumes that my son wore. He really wanted to be Luigi riding Yoshi so we improvised with a dinosaur costume to represent Yoshi. I found a green sweatshirt at Goodwill and bought a Luigi hat from the Halloween store. He loved it and he looked so cute!

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler and Inflatable Ride On Animal Costume

My kids love inflatable costumes. They think they’re hilarious. One year my son was an inflatable sumo wrestler and my husband was a man riding a pink flamingo. A year later, my other son was a man riding an inflatable ostrich.


One of my all-time favorite Halloween costumes that I wore was a peacock costume. I ordered peacock feather online and spent a lot of time hot gluing them to a piece of cardboard to go into the back of my shirt.

I made the tutu using lots of tulle and ribbon, and I was lucky enough to find a peacock necklace and belt at the store.


Zombie costumes are always fun and fairly easy to make. One year, my husband and son both dressed up as zombies. I just took some old clothes, tore them up, and added some fake blood. Then I used makeup to give them zombie faces!

Wonder Women and Clark Kent/Superman

Last year, my husband and I dressed up as Wonder Women and Clark Kent/Superman. My husband’s costume was super easy. We just had to buy a Superman t-shirt which he wore underneath his regular work clothes.

To make the costume a little more fun, he changed into a full Superman costume halfway through the night. My costume was also fairly simple. I bought a Wonder Women dress and made another no-sew tutu. I seem to have a thing for tutus.

McDonalds and KFC Characters

Fast food might not be the best thing for you to eat, but it’s hilarious when you dress up as the characters! My brother and sister-in-law wore these great costumes last year and they were a hit!

Referee and Sports Player

Halloween is for kids, adults, and all ages in between. Even teens can get on in the fun! My brother and his girlfriend wore these sports-themed costumes last year. Once again, they don’t require too much work but they still get you in the Halloween spirit!

You don’t have to be young to enjoy Halloween. Find a costume that you love and join the Halloween fun!

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?

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