Pin-tested: Curling hair with a flat iron

A few weeks ago during a hair appointment with my stylist, I showed her the countless tools I had to deal with my unruly hair. One by one, we talked about the uses of each until we finally settled on my thin flat iron. Once she finished fixing my hair, she made beach waves easily with my stick straight iron. I was impressed, but as usual, figured that I would NEVER be able to recreate that look on my own.

So while I was up late perusing the web, I decided to see if I could find a hair tutorial. I came across Kate from the Small Things blog and I became obsessed. As a hair stylist, Kate offers great insight, wonderful tutorials and steps that I can follow while watching someone else do their own hair. I felt so convinced by her method that I heated up my flat iron to try it out quickly that night.

The springy curl that her method produced had me hooked and so I opted to try it all over the next day.

As a former curling iron lover, I was hooked by something that seemed so anti-curl. The results can vary depending on how many turns – think corkscrews or beachy waves. I felt so “fancy” when I did it that way before a recent event and it was SO simple to do! I texted a picture to my hair stylist of my finished efforts and she was impressed.

A few things of note: I did burn my thumb the first go-around, so just be careful as you grip it! My curls and waves definitely seem to last longer using the straightener, but as Kate says, that can definitely depend on the texture of your hair. I used small amounts of hairspray, but have yet to be satisfied with the kind I bought. If I find one I love, I’ll be sure to share that with you in the future.

What are your tried and true hair techniques? Have you ever tried a hair tutorial from Pinterest? Check out even more great pins and beauty tips on our Pinterest page.

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