Tips on living green from Chicago parents

We asked Chicago Parent readers what they do to teach their kids to live in environmentally friendly ways. Below are their answers:

I try to teach my kids that it’s even better to re-use than recycle. I send my daughter to school each day with her lunch in packaging that is washable/reusable. I show them how they can take old wrapping paper and bows and use them for art supplies. It’s all about thinking creatively!

Jennifer Jankowski, Chicago

We recycle everything we can, we use our own shopping bags and I use all the advertising papers that come to our house for our 3-year-old’s projects.

Kateryna Verlan, Westchester

We take short showers instead of long, hot baths and we wait until we have a full large load of laundry before running the washer. The same applies for our dishwasher as well. With everyone helping out in our family, we definitely have seen a decrease in our utility bills as well as helping our environment. If everyone tries to do a little something to go greener it can definitely go a long way.

Nicole Chojnacki, Plainfield

My family and I save all of the sleeves from the newspapers and use them to put dirty diapers in instead of using plastic bags. We always use reusable bags at the grocery store and no longer buy bottled water. I am also a recycle freak!! There isn’t anything I can’t reuse to make the perfect project for my daughter!

Jamie Volmut, Brookfield

The family and I recycle by reusing household products that would normally go into a landfill. We use old peanut butter jars for knickknack holders, empty toilet paper tubes for mini rattles or rain makers, and our favorite, making paper flowers out of junk mail for decorating my 2-year-old’s room. Not only do we have fun with crafts, but I feel we all learn how to take care of our planet.

Christina Cambray-Valencia, Chicago

We do a number of things to go green. We compost, we recycle, we have a garden, my husband bikes to work, and our baby wears cloth diapers. If only I can come up with a way for my kids to remember to turn out their bedroom lights when they leave the room!

Nicole Foster, Chicago

I bought a lot of plates that can go in the dishwasher. I use them for all our parties and even use them for the parties at my children’s school. I don’t ever buy paper plates now.

Theresa Kenders, Schaumburg

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