Chicago mom’s tips for a green Halloween

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The weather brings in fresh, cool breezes and suddenly it is time to put away the swimming pool floats and get out your candles, scarves and apple recipes. Autumn also brings us Halloween!

Here are easy ways to make the holiday greener and healthier for your kids.

Green costumes

You can spend a small fortune at the store for a costume that isn’t even well-made and that your kids will only wear once. Or you can go the environmentally-friendly route and create costumes with your kids! Listening to my kids imagine what they want to be and how they can create it is one of my favorite parts of Halloween. After all, costumes are all about fun – even if they are a little scary. We have enough “dress-up” and craft supplies in the house that we can always create something pretty cool. Check out these ideas for quick, fun and super easy DIY costumes. You can also consider a costume swap with other friends or neighbors.

Green treats

Halloween treats should taste great and be chemical-free. My family likes Unreal candies. They are absolutely delicious and you would never know they are non-GMO. The coloring is from real and natural sources — nothing synthetic here. Pencils, creative shaped erasers, stickers and organic lollipops are also great options! No tricks. Just treats.

Green faces

Face paint is so much fun and can be used to inspire the most creative characters – however it should be non-toxic. We absolutely love Natural Face Paints from Glob. We use this paint year-round for dress-up play.

Green treat bags

Create or upcycle your treat bag. Sew a cool tee-shirt into a fabulous tote or another item that goes with your costume. How about a beach pail for a surfer costume or a basket for an Organic Farmer costume?

Green trick-or-treating

Going trick-or-treating is fun but we can’t control the types of treats our kids get. After an evening of trick-or- treating, exchange your child’s treat bag with a goodie bag you have created for them. Organic treats, small toys, an autumn book or an autumn family movie (Goonies, Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Trick-or-Treat, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) are great options! A new toothbrush doesn’t hurt either.

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