Gratitude 39

Gratitude is thankfulness, but it’s also awareness – what you enjoy, what you appreciate, what brings on a surge of energy or feeling.

Each day offers a range of different things to appreciate, and today, this is my list.

In no particular order, I am Grateful for:

1. T, J, C, & S and my entire family

2. deep talks

3. clean, soft sheets

4. writing

5. yoga in the morning/yoga clothes all day

6. singing in the car

7. dancing in the kitchen

8. faith

9. tall half caf Americano

10. Vitamix smoothies

11. Galena get togethers

12. Friends, The Daily Show, Glee

13. Pandora

14. warm socks

15. writing

16. braiding little girl hair

17. text messages

18. good humor and big laughs

19. essential oils

20. the numbers 7 and 11

21. Teaching

22. girlfriends

23. holding hands

24. water with a straw

25. Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Wahlberg

26. art projects on the fridge and taped to the windows

27. sunglasses

28. photographs and other reminders

29. knitting projects

30. helpers and teachers

31. deep breaths

32. Portillo’s chocolate cake

33. the iPhone

34. salt baths

35. synchronicity and coincidence

36. Google calendar

37. burritos

38. enlightenment through challenge

39. my life, all 39 years

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Through gratitude may you embrace who you are and allow the world to enjoy the blessing of you.

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