‘Good Day Chicago’ baby

‘Good Day Chicago” co-anchor Anna Davlantes has a new husband, a thriving career and, in December, she’ll have a new baby, too. (Editor’s note: Anna and her husband welcomed a new baby girl Nov. 27.)

What we wish we knew about labor

I teach about labor and
delivery and find that so many new mothers don’t want to know
anything. Labor really can’t be understood until it happens. Listen
to your body, don’t fight it.
LaDonna Kolman, Winthrop Harbor

I don’t think any woman could
be prepared for labor and the pains that generously come along with
it. Of course I wanted to try and do all-natural, yeah, well that
went quickly out the window. We couldn’t get the doctor in soon
enough to relieve my pains. After the epidural, I was seeing stars
and floating in the air. It was so easy after that!
Tammy Pervan, Hinsdale  

I don’t wish I knew any more about labor. I wish I had known
less. My friends and family had me so scared to go into labor and
when it actually happened it really was not bad! Maybe I was
Kelly Schaefer, Hometown

I wish someone would’ve told
me how fast it can happen!
Melissa Ponce, Skokie

I wish I knew that no matter how much information you know or
how much you planned, that the unexpected will always happen.
Melissa Ortiz, Addison

She’s covered markets in Indiana and Texas, but this Chicago native is glad to be starting her family here at home, where she says friends and family already have volunteered their babysitting expertise.

What’s it like being pregnant in Chicago?

I just made the observation that I’m not as thin as I used to be and I can’t fit into all the places I used to. I’ll be in a crowded restaurant and think I can get through and I get stuck-that happened to me last week. … Since I found out I was pregnant it’s been cool, because I can share with our “Good Day Chicago” viewers and they give advice. It’s very helpful and encouraging. I’m feeling a little scared to death with this being the first time around, so I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on-nothing different from what every parent goes through, though.

How do you see your sense of adventure as a reporter factoring in during your pregnancy and eventually after you’ve become a mother?

It’s tough because I know moms are breaking barriers all the time in what they’re doing and what they’re capable of doing. I did a diving underwater documentary recently where we were swimming with sharks. … I’ll have to see what I’m comfortable with as time goes by. You do have to change some of your goals-the focus is on the child now. But I’m inspired because I hear about moms doing amazing things and juggling challenges with raising a child.

You grew up on the North Side and graduated from Chicago Public Schools. Where do you want your child to grow up and learn?

I grew up in Rogers Park and went to Chicago Public Schools my whole life. I have many relatives who worked in CPS for years. My aunts and uncles have worked as teachers and counselors in CPS. I’m a huge advocate of public education. Every parent deals with this issue and I think I’d take a really hard look at CPS when my child is ready for school.

Do you know yet if it’s a boy or a girl?

We’re hoping to be surprised. That’s our plan, to wait until the big day. If it gets out some other way on accident, then that’s OK, but other than that, our plan is to wait until the due date.

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