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Does your child already know what a “mani/pedi” is? Does she naturally pose with one hand on her hip for family pictures? If so, you just might have a glamour girl who would love a “Going Glam” party for her birthday. Whether your little girl is three and loves bows in her hair or your teen is approaching her sweet sixteen, everyone no loves to feel glamorous, if only for a day!

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“There is something magical about believing in princesses and being able to dress like one for the day,” explains Melissa Raitano, owner of the wildly popular My Party Princess dress up boutique in Schaumburg. “It’s a dream birthday party for any girl to have.”

Announce the party with a glamorous invite! Consider delivering party invitations personally, transporting the birthday child via limo or vintage car to make quite the impression on all of her partygoers. Or, mail compact mirrors to all of the party guests, writing the party info via eyeliner or lipstick, sticking it in an envelope and affixing a stamp in the corner. No matter what type of invitation you pick, make sure to encourage everyone to dress in glamorous attire! Once the big day has arrived, decorate a room with luxurious details! Replace light bulbs with pink bulbs, and decorate using all of the birthday girl’s favorite colors! Turn the music up and strew the room with accessories that will get their imagination going! Anything from boas to sunglasses will get the party started, and don’t forget to set up some full length mirrors so everyone can check out their fancy reflections!

Once the party begins, make sure everyone makes a memorable entrance. And what’s a red carpet arrival without paparazzi? Ask friends and family to greet partygoers with an onslaught of camera flashes as they make their way to the VIP entrance, and consider using these pictures in either the party goody bags or in thank you notes after the grand event.

Looking for a bit more subtle way of going glam? Consider turning in the dresses for luxurious robes during a Spa at Home party! Greet guests with a luxurious, monogrammed robe that they can take home once the party is over, but something they can get comfy in during the party. Keep them busy with manicures, pedicures and facials and glam-inspired crafts such as personalized flip flops and crystal encrusted picture frames and boxes to hold all of their favorite party memories!

Of course, there are a number of locations outside the home that are specifically designed to make every child feel glamorous and every parent feeling grateful! In fact, with locations in Lincoln Park and Oak Brook, Sweet and Sassy offers the perfect destination when it comes to going glam. Offering party themes such as “Enchanted Princess”, “Pop Star”, “Magical Fairy” or “Fashion Diva”, chances are your glamour girl will find the customized party created especially for her.

Is your “little girl” about to turn sixteen? Look no further that Elmhurst Park District’s Wilder Mansion. Built in 1868 and acquired in 2008 by the Elmhurst Park District, this one of a kind reception venue provides the perfect setting for a glamorous sweet sixteen party that girls only dream about!

“We recently held a party for over 100 high school teens,” explains Meagan Benes, Facility Rental Supervisor at the Elmhurst Park District. “The girls wore dresses and the guys wore ties. They hired a DJ, put out some cupcakes and punch and everyone danced all night long. This venue is getting so popular that we are asking people consider booking out at least 18 months in advance, especially if your event will take place during the weekend.”

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