Dieters beware: It’s already Girl Scout cookie time

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Posted by Tamara O.

I am weak. I admit it. I can’t resist sweets.

Since I’ve watched the numbers on my digital scale climb throughout 2009, like many busy moms I know I’ve decided to start yet another year off resolving to lose weight. I’m seven days in. So far, so good.

So wouldn’t you know it, the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, in some supreme wisdom, kicked off its annual Girl Scout cookie sales this week.

Imagine my 10-year-old Girl Scout, with her big beautiful blue eyes, visiting my dieting friends and family with a sheet showing off those yummy globs of fat producers and in her sweet little voice asking, “Would you like to buy some cookies?”

I can almost imagine the scenario: My little Girl Scout, with me supervising of course, trudging through mounds of snow, clutching her cookie order sheet to her chest lest it blow away in the below zero wind chill, and knocking on my friends’ doors. They open it with a huge smile, happy to see her, until a look of horror overtakes them when they see the order sheet. Suddenly they begin to crave Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos and Trefoils. Before they know it, they’ve ordered a box of every kind, maybe even more. Order complete, they slam the door and begin foraging for anything sweet before we’ve even stepped off the porch.

I feel a little like a drug dealer in a crack house, like I will be single-handedly responsible for derailing diets all over creation just so she can earn a new badge. Of course, to help her sell the minimum 50 boxes for the badge, I know I’ll have to buy multiple boxes-and I simply can’t resist Girl Scout cookies sitting on my kitchen counter.

Ah, the ongoing trials and tribulations of parenting. Maybe I can just start my diet in June.

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