The best places in Chicago to get in the mood

It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of diapers, dinner, dead asleep on the couch, but February is the month to get busy with your honey. So I went looking for some sexy inspiration and found plenty in this fine city of ours.

Our list of places to find sexy inspiration in the Windy City this February.

Best way to get in the mood-monthly:

Bedroom Chemist

The brainchild of local mom Andee Harris, Bedroom Chemist “breaks
the boudoir boredom.” Its monthly subscription service for products
and toys to spice up what goes on between the sheets offers
everything from massage oils and balms to vibrators and toys. The
premise is that couples, especially married ones, need to keep it
hot and interesting.

Best place to shop for new nighties:

G Boutique

2131 N. Damen Ave., Chicago (773) 235-1234

Luckily my significant other thinks T-shirts and flannel pantsare the cat’s meow, but sometimes I want to break up the cycle ofshirts I pick up for free at street fairs and look a little hotter.A visit to G Boutique, one
of the city’s staples for sexy nighttime underthings, is in order.
Located in Bucktown, G Boutique can take you to new undies and
beyond with its selection of undergarments and pajamas that are
comfy to wear-and take off.

Best place to kick off the night

Les Nomades

222 E. Ontario St., Chicago (312) 649-9010

Nothing says unromantic like no plans for dinner on a Saturdaynight. Surprise your loved one with a reservation at one ofChicago’s most romantic reservations at Les Nomades. The dimly lit
dining rooms offer everyone’s favorite date food-French-and make
for the preamble to a fabulous evening.

Best place to do the deed

Hotel Monaco

225 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago (312) 960-8500

There are so many “hot” places to catch up on your zzz’s andmaybe stay up late for some ooo’s. I am into this boutique hoteltucked into River North. With in-room spa services, it’s hard tofind a better way to get in the mood than Hotel Monaco.

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By Kelly James-Enger

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