We Need A Nanny – The Story of How We Overlooked This Necessity

When we were pregnant with Mia, we never discussed the issue of childcare.We planned our due date around the end of our busy season, when we knew we could ease off work a bit and spend time bonding with our baby.

During the first few weeks of Mia’s life, we were able to run on Mia’s schedule and what work had to be done was easily accomplished at home, between naps or while anticipating a 2 a.m. feeding.

Since we don’t work in a big corporate office (it’s just the two of us working out a little rented space), we both thought that the baby would just come with us once it was time to go back to the office.

And that’s just what happened. At first.

We properly outfitted the office with a pack n’ play with diaper changing station. Made sure we were stocked up on diapers, wipes and formula. And happily toted our little baby from home to office.

It was easy in the beginning. Mia either slept in her carriage, the pack n’ play, or in a sling. We could easily work at our desks and take feeding and rocking breaks.

And then Mia turned 5 months old and the glory days were over.

She was awake a whole lot more and needed more attention and play time. We had never discussed the possibility of Amy staying home fulltime and truthfully, that wasn’t our plan. Amy wanted to continue working.

That’s when it occurred to us that we needed a nanny. We laugh about it now. How silly we were not to have even considered this, but as first time parents we had no experience.

We quickly jumped on SitterCity.com and within two weeks had secured a lovely young woman to help us out a few days a week. As Mia grew older and our busy season kicked in, we realized we needed even more help.

Our first nanny decided to go back to school and that’s when Soraia came into our lives. Mia and Soraia love each other dearly and although we hate to be away during the day, we know that Mia is well cared for.

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