Chicago bike shop offers cookies and photos

One might wonder what a photography studio, bicycles and cookies have in common, but for Melissa Salvatore, who owns A Little Photo Studio, Heritage Littles and its Milk and Cookies Bar, it all makes sense. And after visiting, it made sense to me, too.

This is one big, gorgeous space that caters to kids.

First, the photography. Book a session here and don’t expect the usual, “Say cheese!” Canned smiles are not what A Little Photo Studio is about. Instead kids play games, engage in screaming contests (the louder the better!) and are entertained with zany puppet shows and animal imitations—which bring out the genuine laughter and smiles that make for amazing photographs.

During a recent session, my 6-year-old twins wrestled, jumped, danced and were encouraged to run around like lunatics (which they just so happen to be really good at). At times they were having so much fun they forgot about the cameras, and that, says Melissa, is the point.

And this hip shop offers much more than photography. Pop in and visit the pint-sized Milk and Cookies Bar where families can chill out with homemade goodies such as M&M, sugar, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies. While there, peruse the Heritage Littles bicycles—if you’re lucky, your little one can take a whirl around on one of the models.

A Little Photo Studio

  • 2868 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

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