Fun ways to make the most of fall

There’s no better time to mix fun and learning in the great outdoors than fall in Chicago. From leaves to pumpkins, here are eight easy ideas to get you started:

Document fall splendor

Take a hike around your neighborhood and capture fall images forever. At home, work with your kids to make a photobook by teaching them to upload their photos onto any online photo-sharing site where they can be arranged, printed and assembled into a pretty, bound memory book.

Write a poem together

Create a unique poem by listing everything we say goodbye to as summer ends (such as, Goodbye lazy days! Goodbye swimming pool!) and everything we welcome with the fall (such as, Welcome, hot apple cider! Welcome, bright orange pumpkins!). Have each family member contribute at least one line.

Make a leaf pressing

Gather fall leaves of all shapes, sizes and colors. At home, cover your ironing board with a rag. Place each leaf between two sheets of wax paper. Cover the wax-papered leaves with a towel and iron on the medium setting (no steam) for about seven seconds. Cut out the individual leaves, leaving a small margin so they remain sealed in the wax paper. Identify each leaf and use to decorate your dinner table.

Head out on a family hike

As you explore, gather pine cones, pretty leaves, acorns, twigs and any other natural objects. At home, create a garland by tying the items to a string, spacing accordingly. You may want to press the leaves in wax paper to better preserve them. Hang along a stair railing or frame a large window.

Make a gratitude tree

Glue a tree trunk cut from a large brown paper bag onto a large poster board. Gather a cluster of colorful leaves. Using a Sharpie, have everyone write something they are thankful for on each leaf. Glue the leaves onto your “tree.” This can be a great door decoration.

Guess the number of seeds in your pumpkin

Before you carve your pumpkins, play a family guessing game and estimate the number of seeds in each pumpkin. Then dig them out and count. Who was the best estimator? Afterwards, roast your seeds on a well olive-oiled tray and bake for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees.

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