Fun at the museum

Parents shared their kids’ favorite children’s museum exhibits at Here is a sampling of what they had to say:

“Whenever we go to the Kohl Children’s Museum, my kids love the grocery store. They always want to pretend they are shopping at home, and when they are at the museum it is almost like they are doing it for real. They love it!”

Jamie Connell

“The water area. They love to play with the boats, dams, etc. They always walk away wet. It’s their favorite place, not mine.”

Eve Kuczura

“My son loves to play with the water boats. He enjoys putting on the raincoat and playing with the water. He also enjoys playing with the kid-size CTA. He immediately sits in the driver’s seat.”

Maritza Rodriguez

“Visiting the children’s museums is always fun, especially for the little ones. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to explore hands-on activities. My son loves the dino digs and my daughter loves the water play areas.”

Machelle Anderson

“My twins look forward to playing at the sandwich deli and the car wash at the Kohl Children’s Museum.”

Aparna Gourisetty

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