The best kid-friendly french fries in Chicago

We have some French fry kid connoisseurs on staff, and here are three favorites that won’t break the bank:

1. Crosby‘s Kitchen


They are salty, perfectly done and don’t have that mushy inside that kids hate. The fact that they’ll bring out some carrot slices on the side so we feel better about ourselves as parents is a bonus.

2. Frietkoten Belgian Fries

West Loop

This fry shack isn’t fancy, but it is tasty. Kids love the paper cones the fries are served in, while parents adore the food market atmosphere reminiscent of an Amsterdam eatery.

3. Franks ‘n Dawgs

Lincoln Park/Old Town

You can get ’em plain or smothered in cheese. They also have regular waffle fries or triple truffle waffle fries, which are truly delicious. And of course an accompanying hot dog is a must.

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