Back-to-school freezer meal prep

This past five months or so, I have gathered with a group of friends to create freezer meals each month to share. With four other people, including the meals I make, we each then have a total of 10 meals for that month.

The meals have been convenient, perfect for busy sports seasons, have seen two people through moves and one person had a baby. Having these meals ready at a moment’s notice has (usually) caused less stress and exposed our families to meals that we may not have necessarily tried before!

As the school year is set to begin and lives gear up to be even busier and on-the-go, I thought I’d share some of my favorite freezer meal recipes so that you can stock up your freezer as well!

Teriyaki Chicken. Not only is this recipe tasty, but once thawed, it goes directly into the crockpot!

Baked Ziti. I make this using ground turkey, but ground beef would work well also. This is great to feed a crowd, make for a new mom or before a big sports tournament.

Bean & Cheese Burritos. Perfect when you’re on-the-go and need a quick lunch. They can be easily warmed in the microwave and having these available can help cut-down on those drive-thru runs.

Spaghetti Sauce. My sister-in-law just made up bags for the upcoming school year. The sauce is great to pair with pasta, pour over sandwiches or add into a crockpot recipe.

Chicken Enchiladas. One of my personal favorites. There are plenty of versions available on Pinterest -beef, chicken, low-fat, low-calorie and so on. Find the recipe that your family loves, make it, freeze it, enjoy it!

Have you jumped on the freezer meal bandwagon? What are your family’s go-to recipes? For this and more family-friend pins, check out our Pin It! board.

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