Tips for monthly meal planning and freezer cooking from Pinterest

After seeing countless pins on freezer cooking and how to organize our menus, I decided to collect some of my favorites and share them with you! From printables to menu ideas, simplify cooking in your home through the use of Pinterest.

Planning for Meals

So you want to get organized when it comes to preparing family meals, but don’t have the funds to hire a chef or personal shopper? No problem. I seem to have a similar problem as well.

The first step is pretty simple. Rather than creating all sorts of documents, I prefer selecting printables through Pinterest that I can print off and fill-in as needed. I created a family binder to hold our menus, calendar, and general household upkeep. Clean Mama Printables offer calendars, family favorites, and list documents to keep your menus organized. Another route that some families prefer is to go digital. Think weekly meal planning apps at your fingertips. Making meal planning high-tech means you have your list and weekly plan with you almost all the time. No excuse for not grabbing that last ingredient when you’re already on the run. I know families who utilize each method and love them. (I’m a printables person – when I remember to fill them in advance!)

What to Cook

Freezer meal cooking could be an entire blog post in and of itself, but thought I’d give a brief version here. Whether you do it on your own or with a group of friends, creating freezer meals will definitely make your life easier and save you money! No more running out at the last minute for take-out, you already have meals ready to go. Some of our favorites include freezer burritos, breakfast burritos, and Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole. Each of these recipes is easy to put together, taste delicious, and take little time to cook once thawed.

Have you ever done freezer cooking? How do you meal plan? Share your ideas with us on our Pinterest page.

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