“Free time” pinning

Once your kids are back in school, you may find yourself having some extra time throughout the day to try some new pins that you’ve been admiring. I have a running board, “For Mommy,” that I like to pull inspiration from. This year, my oldest is headed to preschool, so I’m aiming to do a new project when I have the time from things that I’ve pinned.

Beautiful Cupcake Liner Display

I think this looks beautiful and also acts as great storage! Bright colors and functionality are always a plus!

Freezer Cooking

I have desperately been needing to do this to better organize our lives! It is a huge help to our budget and weekly eating plan. This pin has some great ideas for getting ahead in that way!

Bathroom Organization

I need this in the worst way and would love to find stylish options that hold my items in a fun way.

Fall Bucket List

Maybe I could take the time to print out a Fall bucket list and plan our weekends around getting things done!

Wrapping Paper Storage

Whoever thought of this is a genius. Honestly. Wrapping paper? On the ceiling?! Doing this as soon as possible.

Gifts for others

What about a sundae/ice cream making kit to thank someone? Or a fun housewarming gift? Find some great ideas to fulfill your crafty side, but also make someone else very happy!

What are your favorite ways to spend time once the kids are back at their desks? Do you love to treat yourself? Tackle household chores? Or plan for the next big something? We hope you’ll share!

For more ideas and fun, visitChicago Parent on Pinterest and Samantha on Pinterest.

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