Frankenbaby: Let’s be frank

Everyone has their own version of creature comforts, and for some of us, that means holding onto that ratty concert shirt that’s two sizes too small or an old college tee that doesn’t fit into the corporate casual dress code.

Too beloved to become a dust rag and too treasured to rip up doing yardwork, we tuck said tops away in closets and drawers, hoping one day to bestow them on our offspring.

There’s no reason to wait until then since Chicago-based Frankenbaby takes vintage adult-sized tees and reworks, revamps, and re-cobbles them into super cute, obviously original, totally unexpected onesies for babies and toddlers.

Whether or not you choose to part with your favorite top long enough for creator, Virginia Tucker, to create Frankenbaby‘s customized transformation, is up to you, but if you can’t bear to see your favorite on a member of the younger generation, Tucker offers a number of ready made pieces reborn from others’ dog-eared duds.

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