Four iPhone and iPad apps for redecorating your home

Color Snap. The next time you see a color you love, capture it with this Sherwin-Williams program. You can save colors to create a new inspiration palette, meaning a shade out of that great new rug could end up on your living room wall. Buy in iTunes

Yard Sale Mapper. Load up on local antiques! Simply enter in your zip code to get yard sale, garage sale and tag sale listings for free. Buy in iTunes.

Dual level. Forget eyeballing crooked picture frames. This under-a-dollar level app will help you to line everything up without having to buy a separate tool. Buy in iTunes.

Dream Home. This $1.99 app lets you browse through tons of full-color photos-it’s like an on-the-go book of inspiration. The creators promise to add new images daily, so check back often for more ideas. Buy in iTunes.

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