Why Flush and Wash?

When I found out that ChicagoParent.com was re-launching with a whole new look, I decided I needed a new name for my old blog.

I formally blogged under “A Mom’s Life”, but as my boys have grown and changed, so has the face of what I write about. “A Mom’s Life’ seemed just to general.

This time around I wanted something really personal. Something close to home that gave a good sense of what life is like with two young boys. Something oddly familiar.

So as I lounged in my bathtub, the place where I get all of my best ideas, it hit me like a ton of TP. Just as my 7 year old Truman informed me, as he still always does, that he had to pee, I hollared my usual mantra. Thethree words I say everyday to my kids without exception. More than “brush your teeth”, more than “hold my hand”, even quite honestly more than “I love you”. And those three words as you may have guessed are “Flush and Wash!”

The phrase “flush and wash” is a lovely little pill that delivers with each utterance a smidge of etiquette, rules for cleanliness, helpful direction, protection, potty talk, and love.

And that pretty much sums up my life with these two boys. BTW, “lift the seat” came in a close second.

Within the lines of this blog I’ll be sharing all of the things that make up my daily life in the trenches with my kids.

It’s a job I knowingly chose and prepared for as best I could, but one that sends me sprinting back to the drawing board on a daily basis.

I hope you’ll take the time to join the conversations started here. For as I often say… it takes a village to raise a mom.

And don’t forget to flush and wash.

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