My Flipper: The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

When it comes to kids and their teeth, I’m not entirely sure what comes out cleaner in the end, their actual chompers or the brush they barely touch to their mouths during each short-lived cleaning.

Ironically, children seem most adept at using their brushes to touch everything but their teeth, resulting in a bacterial breeding ground from counter tops, the floor and on occasion, the dog’s mouth or the toilet bowl.

But, with super cool yet totally hygienic toothbrush holders from My Flipper, toothbrushes stay covered while side vents allow for excess water to evaporate, virtually nixing nasty germs from the family bathroom. Suction cups and an automatic opener make for easy, no-touch access, and with more than than 30 different critters to choose from, including dogs, dinosaurs and even koalas and cows, there’s a clean-loving creature to fit every taste.

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