How parents can find alone time for romance

With kids in the picture, you might be ready for love with the Missus, but the time is rarely right. How do you line up the opportunity and the mood?

WDP13: Fitting It In by ChicagoParent

Work, the kids, the house, indigestion: everything in your life is plotting to destroy you sex life. How do you find time for getting it on when the universe conspires to turn you both off?

Todd is ready to write love making sessions in his calendar with a pen, but his wife is not so sure. Matt was conditioned via very clinical baby-making time to dislike having sex on command. D.M. wishes he and his wife would do it while his daughters are still in the crib, but they’ve instead decided to never make love again ever.

Also, the cries from the nursery monitors are not an aphrodisiac for any of the Dads.

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Note: The show is for adults and NSFW – The Dads don’t think the kids are ready for their jelly.

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