Meeting the Bloggers: Wendy and Jamie

Ok, we admit it: we have butterflies just writing this article! What gives? For starters, we’re giddy about getting to know each you. You, the fabulous and devoted readers of Chicago Parent, are just like us: parents on a mission to make Chicago a happy, healthy, perfect place to raise a family. And you, like us, are all about connecting with each other to create a vibrant, thriving community.

It’s been just over two months since Families in the Loop launched, and already we’re making serious strides in the Chicagoland parenting scene. Through our events, website and Facebook page, we’re witnessing new relationships form, local businesses and patrons connect, and neighbors meet new friends. We’re seeing unbelievable outreach and an overwhelming response to our desire to fulfill the needs of Chicago families. We are here for you, a hub to soon call home.

At Families in the Loop, Chicago’s fastest-growing community of parents in-the-know and in-the-network of living, learning and leaping into the Windy City, our goals are simple: to help you connect with inspired, interested parents in your neighborhood, learn incredible life and parenting skills, foster and encourage personal interests and hobbies (from wine tasting to reading, shopping to exercise), and build a stronger, safer community.

Each month, you’ll hear from us on, where we’ll share news and buzz-worthy banter and touch upon some hot topics impacting the Chicago parent community. All of us here at Families in the Loop can’t wait to get the conversation started and to hear from you, on this site, with ideas, feedback and more!

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