Why Summer Vacation is a SAHM Problem

I’ve been a little absent on this blog, I know. But I have good reason, if only at least for the last week – school’s officially on break now in my house.

I’m distinctly aware that the end of school before day camp starts (because we are fortunate enough to be able to do the day camp thing) means one thing: I need to find ways to occupy my son and I’m unable to get much else on the work side done.

Because as I work part-time, I’m still half an SAHM. And thus, it’s pretty much incumbent on me to figure out how the heck I’m going to entertain two active boys who can’t understand why they can wear shorts one day and fleeces the next.

I don’t blame them.

Weather aside, the break when school is out, just before the onslaught of summer activities start is distinctly a SAHM problem. And I don’t mean this pejoratively. Some of the working moms I’ve talked to about making plans for this time off have not been enthused about signing up for classes (nanny can just take the kids to the park), some have completely sent their kids away to family members because they can’t handle coordinating activities AND their work schedule, and others are just blasé about the whole time off issue because it decidedly isn’t really their problem for now.

I’d feel the same if I were them. The ability to walk out the door and not worry if your kid ever leaves the house for the entire day because it’s either too hot or too freezing (yes, I’m obsessed with the weather) sounds utterly delightful at times.

But I know the flipside. Those moments this week when I wasn’t working, but sitting home, twiddling our thumbs about what to do next (it was like pulling teeth to go on a bike ride), were at times, I’ll say it, utterly enjoyable.

We’ve watched a lot of Scooby Doo. The little guy is learning to walk and so we’re cheering him on. And, although we’re either sweating it out in the front yard or shivering at T-ball practice, we are having a few stolen moments during the quiet part of summer before I will wish my eldest to come home off the camp bus sooner rather than later.

Maybe the early summer break isn’t really a problem at all.

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