On-ramping in Chicago – and I don’t mean on the Kennedy

When I officially off-ramped in 2008, I closed the door on the corporate world I was used to working in and set off into the great beyond of full-time mommyhood.

Now, three years later, I’m working on my own on-ramp plan – starting a PR agency -and I’m feeling more un-balanced than ever. I’m ignoring my friends left and right, forgetting my kids’ doctors’ appointments and getting the worst twitter butt known to this side of a MacBook Pro.

Not working was tough for me, but working is equally challenging. Everyone comments on how I must love having such a flexible schedule, but I don’t think they realize “flexible” really means logging onto my computer every night until 11 p.m. after the kids go to bed.

But however tired or flabby-assed I may be, I am surprisingly happy in my new domain. I’m having meetings with really interesting people, using some creative parts of my brain and oh, yeah, earning a semi-living. Didn’t say it was perfect.

The way I look at it, until my kids are in school full-time more of the time, or until someone higher up kills Daylight Savings Time and makes it Add Another Hour to the Day Time, I am going to be burning the 11 o’clock oil.And I’m fine with that.

My ass? Ask me during bathing suit season.

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