How do you find some ‘alone time?’ Chicago parents share their stories

When it comes to time for mommies and daddies to connect “in that special way,” many readers joked that there’s no such time if you have kids. But parents have come up with some seriously good excuses to tell inquiring little minds.

“We tell them we are doing the dishes. That usually gets them to run in the basement or far away from the kitchen.” -Cheryl Sterling, Addison

“If the kids awaken in the middle of ‘our time’ and they ask why our door was shut and locked, I tell them we were watching a scary movie and didn’t want them to get scared and hear it! HA!” -Deena Makowski, Minooka

“We innocently ask the kids if they’re tired and want to nap. That sends them scurrying.” -Anne Lewis, Chicago

“We tell the kids that we have to pay the bills.” -Alayna Conwell, University Park

“I tell them we need a time-out. They hate time-outs and will leave us alone.” -Christine Darquea, Roselle

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