Financial literacy especially important now

In the current economy, kids have a lot of questions about finances. This year, for Money Smart Week April 18-25, the Chicago Money Smart Kid can help provide some of the answers.

Myles Gage, a freshman at the University of Chicago Lab School, is a member of the Ujamma Junior Investment Club.

To ask a question, visit the Money Smart discussion forum at or e-mail the discussion board at

Parents also can post their own questions for a financial planner. Questions and responses are screen by a certified financial planner.

Posting a question immediately enters your child into a drawing for a $50 savings bond from the Economic Awareness Council.

Use the activities on this page and at to get the money conversation started in your home.

Color me happy that you’re saving!

id you know eating in for one meal instead of going to restaurant can save one person an average of $1,000 a year? Find three more ways your family can save:

My family can save money by:

1) __________________________________________________________________

2) _______________________________________________________________________

3) _______________________________________________________________________



1. President _______’s image is on the penny.

3. If you bring your lunch to work or school each day, a typical person will save over ___ ________ dollars.

5. The Lincoln ________ is on the back of the five dollar bill.

6. You can earn money called ________ when you have a savings account

7. A penny _____ is a penny earned.



2. You earn 6-down when you save money in a ____.

4. On average, individuals with a college degree earn one _______ dollars more than those without a degree over their lifetime.

6. The Federal Depository Insurance Corporation (FDIC) _______ deposits in FDIC insured bank accounts to keep your money safe.

8. President Lincoln’s image is on the ____ dollar bill.

9. President Lincoln said that _________ was “the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in.”


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