Feel the neighborly love at Edge of Sweetness bakery

The owners chose the name “Edge of Sweetness” as a nod to the Edgewater neighborhood that has been supportive of the bakery.


Credit: Josannah Terry

When I found out about Edge of Sweetness Bakery via Facebook, I swung into action. Before my family knew what the heck was going on, we were rolling up to the Edgewater bakery that opened in April. Our whirlwind visit involved checking out the cheerful space, chatting with Erwin Tan, the pastry chef and kitchen manager who happens to be a friend of mine, and stocking up on sweets.


I was sold on the treats, and decided to return to chat with the team to find out more. Last week I wrote about XO Marshmallow that has two female owners at the helm, and this week I chatted with the two women who dreamed up the business. My incredibly curious 16-month old Isaiah made an ideal partner in this week’s very serious reporting excursion.


Owners Kate Merrill and Paige Tyler share a sense of community that runs through Edge of Sweetness on so many different levels. They sought out to create a space where neighbors in the Edgewater area could connect, enjoy treats and sip coffee together. Don’t worry, that neighborly spirit extends to people from any neighborhood that walk through the door. Paige and Kate are both moms and Paige’s son Vincent Villella is the Bakery Manager there. He shares his mom’s passion for baking and creates everything from caramel corns to boozy cakes!


The whole team there, especially Erwin, passed the kid-friendly test with flying colors. They did not bat an eyelash at Isaiah’s toddler shenanigans and jumped right in to engage with him. For his part, Isaiah seemed to take his role as reporting partner very seriously. He left no stone or cookie unturned. At one point he let out a poignant yelp and marched straight toward the kitchen, which prompted the owners to give us a peek!


Isaiah was definitely on to something, because the kitchen is pretty interesting, and makes up a majority of the 3200 square foot space. Kate and Paige met at a shared kitchen and chose to carry on that tradition at Edge of Sweetness. Budding chefs rent space there and it makes for plenty of culinary collaboration at this unique space. Another benefit of the massive kitchen space is the ability to host classes and events. Recently a group of elementary students from nearby Helen C. Peirce School of International Studies had a lesson in science and baking while whipping up Hot Chocolate Marshmallow cookies. I would have paid a bit more attention in science class if it had involved cookies!


Speaking of cookies, the Butter variety that I sampled there was chewy and not overly sweet, which I appreciate. The iced coffee was perfect for a very warm day and gave me the boost I needed to play chase the toddler. I could see myself returning to Edge of Sweetness for more family fun, to get some work done on the pretty outdoor patios or even as part of a girl’s night out, because it’s BYOB.


I am looking forward to seeing how this Edgewater eatery blossoms and, of course, tasting more sweet treats there along the way.


If you go


Edge of Sweetness Bakery


6034 N. Broadway


Chicago, IL 60660



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