Our favorite fall fruit

Did you know that the pumpkin is actually a squash? We often associate pumpkins solely with Halloween festivities, so read on to learn some fascinating facts about this round, orange and oh-so-carveable symbol of autumn.

1,502 Pounds marks the heaviest pumpkin ever grown.

900 Pounds of cooked pumpkin used to bake the largest pumpkin pie in history (2020 pounds).

1.14 Time in minutes and seconds a 27-pound pumpkin was carved, making it the world record.

50+ Types of pumpkins grown, some varieties with silly names like Spooktacular and Munchkin.

90-120 Days that pass from when a pumpkin seed is in the ground to when it becomes a mature, fully-grown squash.

12,300 Acres in Illinois that are devoted to harvesting pumpkins.

50,000,000 Number of pumpkin pies baked and consumed each year.

$20,000 Prize for the owner of the biggest pumpkin in Half Moon Bay, Calif.

1903 The first year of the Circleville, Ohio, pumpkin show, the biggest show of its kind and Circleville’s main attraction.

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