Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day in Chicago

There are a lot of places celebrating dad’s day. Take a canoe ride. Have a barbecue. Or visit a classic car show.

There are a lot of places celebrating dad’s day. Take a canoe ride. Have a barbecue. Or visit a classic car show.

How many times have you been to the Botanic Garden and thought,”Boy I’d like to get out on those lakes?” This Father’s Dayweekend, you’ll have six chances with the Father’s Day CanoeAdventure. Join Bob Kirschner, the Garden’s aquaticbiologist, as he guides you through the lakes and explains theirnationally-recognized shoreline restoration program. All skilllevels welcome. Instructions, canoes, life jackets andpaddles will be provided. For more information or topurchase tickets visit www.chicagobotanic.org/school or call (847)

Father’s Day Canoe Adventure

The Chicago Botanic Garden, in partnership with theFriends of the Chicago River, invites families to participate inthe Father’s Day Canoe Adventure. Join Bob Kirschner, the Garden’saquatic biologist, as he guides you through the lakes and explainsour nationally-recognized shoreline restoration program. Herons,ducks, small fish and maybe a few turtles and frogs will greet youas you canoe through their watery habitat. The Father’s Day CanoeAdventure is for paddling enthusiasts of all skill levels.Instructions, canoes, life jackets and paddles will beprovided. For more information or to purchase ticketsvisit www.chicagobotanic.org/school or call (847)

Father’s Day Fishing Derby

Everyone receives a hot dog, chips and soda for lunch. Bring your own poles and bait. Prizes awarded for shortest, longest, most fish caught and most unique catch in each age group. Participants are divided into age groups of 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, 13-17 and fathers.

Father’s Day Car Show

Over 100 cool cars, trucks and motorcycles will be on display.Plus, a live band playing classic music from the 50’s and 60’s,free hotdogs and lemonade, and free bratwursts for dad. Dads canregister for raffle prizes.

Father’s Day

Fathers and grandfathers ride trolleys free with paid child’s fare.

Father’s Day Open Jump

Participate in our “why my dad is my hero” contest and win a free goodie bag at this superhero-themed jump.

Fathers Day Porsche Concours at Long Grove

The public is welcome to get u- close to the cars, talk with theowners, compare how the 911 model has evolved over the past 50years and view all models that comprise the Porsche brand. Morethan 50 Porsches will be judged in various classes.

Father/Son Science/Yoga

UIC Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Jeremy Fransen and yogainstructor Kim Wade present the science and art of yoga. Fathersand sons are guided through 6 key poses that positively impacttheir strength and flexibility with age. These poses focus on hips,knees, and balance postures. Each pair gets a Goodie Bag filledwith special offers from local businesses.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Enjoy a night of fun with your daughter including music anddancing with a DJ, play, dinner, ice cream and more.

Father’s Day

The museum hosts an antique truck show. Dad will love thetrains, trucks, and ice cream from a newly restored 1930 art decosoda fountain. All three live-steam railroads will operate for theentire weekend.

Fantastic Father’s Day Picnic

Celebrate Father’s Day with food, fun and crafts.

Date with My Dad

Enjoy a meal, make a paper craft, and sign a “father-daughterpromise” to keep having fun together. Includes a keepsake photo andframe, plus an American Girl book to take home. Reservationsrequired.

Father’s Day Nature Walk

Families are invited to a relaxing guided walk by the pond and through the woods, to learn about wildlife fathers. Trails not suitable for strollers. Registration is required.

Father’s Day at Morton

Dine on baby back ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork and roastedchicken plus some traditional southern sides. White Saddle Bandwill perform (noon-3 p.m.). Plus, explore the David Rogers’ BigBugs and Tree House Tales exhibitions, take a bike ride or hike theArboretum’s 1,700 acres. Bike rentals will be available.

Father’s Day Brunch

Families can choose from a feast of tasty items includingbreakfast favorites, fruit, lunch/dinner items and deliciousdesserts made from the bakery.

Father’s Day Merengue Dance Party

The event includes a beginner merengue class, open dancing and light refreshments. No previous dance experience required. For tickets, visit http://duetdancestudio.com/kids-dance-classes-1/2016/6/19/fathers-day-merengue-dance-party.

Father’s Day Pool Party

Celebrate Father’s Day by splashing in the sun with your dad.Fathers get in free with a paid child.

Family Adventures

Learn to use a GPS to find hidden clues along our trails, shoot a bow and arrow, build shelters in the woods, or work together to build a fire. End the afternoon with a cookout (grills are provided).

Daddies and daughters

When your daughter is very young, staying connected is sweet.You pick her up, play with her, tickle her and carry her on yourback. She is in awe of everything you do and say. She lovesspending time with her daddy and you love being with her.

But as your little girl grows and matures, it can feelchallenging to relate to her and her experiences. Her joys may movefrom play time and toys to Justin Bieber and headbands. This canleave you feeling out of the loop.

Regardless of your daughter’s age or interests, she needs aconnection with you as she ventures out into the world and triesnew things. She needs your love, assurance and attention. Girls aredeeply influenced by their relationships with their fathers. Herrelationship with you can shape the way she feels about herself,future relationships and men.

While that can feel daunting, it doesn’t have to be. It takespatience, creativity, and possibly a willingness to move outside ofyour comfort zone as your daughter grows, but it’s an investmentthat will pay off for both of you.

Stay interested

She may move from toys to shopping or from soccer to boys, butit’s important to stay interested in what makes her happy. You maynot understand her interests or why she has them, but this offers aperfect opportunity for you to ask questions and learn.

Ask her to play you a song from her new favorite band or showyou how she does her hair that way.

She just wants you to notice, to see her and validate who sheis. She wants to know that you are excited for her as she finds newinterests and she wants to know she can share them with you.

Keep a physical connection

When girls are little it’s easy to pick them up, hug them, andkiss them, but as they age it can be more difficult to stayconnected on a physical level. The physical connection may need tochange or evolve as your daughter grows up, but it’s still anecessary part of your relationship.

It can be a quick hug in the morning or an arm around theshoulder as you watch TV together. Any kind of physical touch willremind her that you will always be a warm and caring presence.

Make dates, don’t break them

If you really want to stay connected, plan a date with her andmake it top priority. It’s helpful to begin one-on-one dates whenshe is young so it becomes a common experience. One-on-one timecreates an opportunity for deeper conversations and a chance tocatch up, ask questions, and reconnect on things that get lost inthe shuffle. These dates need to be the most important thing onyour calendar, not something you push off to another time.

Trust her and teach her to trust herself

Some dads do everything for their daughter or threaten others inan attempt to “protect” them. While the intention may be heartfelt,you are teaching your daughter that she needs your protectionrather than teaching her how to protect herself.

Show your daughter how to fix the flat tire on her bike, orsuggest taking a self-defense class together. Teach your daughterto trust and take care of herself, and let her know you trust herthinking and respect her judgment.

Be open to questions

Many dads want to pass the difficult topics-sex, boys, drugs,alcohol-to mom, but girls need their dad’s input, too. Inevitablyyour daughter will experience insecurity, questioning or fear. Ifshe knows you are comfortable discussing difficult topics and thatyou listen instead of judge, she will be more likely to come to youwhen she is in need.

Focus on her inner traits, not her outerappearance

All dads think their girls are beautiful, but let your daughterknow she is much more than her appearance. Be authentic in yourapproach and point out when your daughter is strong, brave, caringor considerate.

What dads really expect

The male “father figure” has not been portrayed as the brightestby Hollywood lately. We’ve seen Ward Cleaver evolve into Al Bundy,Homer Simpson and most recently, Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy. Thelatter three, despite what may be deemed as subpar IQs, seem notonly to put food on the table, but to surround that table with amassive home. Not bad.

A trailer for the new film “What to Expect When You’reExpecting” shows a group of dads razzing a new dad on hisassumptions vs. reality.

That got me thinking: Why not round up a few dads to talk aboutour “expectations” and how the reality turned out.

The answers follow.

Chicago’s celebrity dads dish on fatherhood

In the hubbub of daily life, sometimes dads’ contributions get
lost in the shuffle. More than ever before, dads are the chief cook
and bottle washer, playmate and coach, disciplinarian and math
tutor. They help fill a home with love and inspire their kids. Our
Chicago celebrity dads, who share here a slice of being dad, are
the heroes in their kids’ lives.


5 Questions with | A.J. Pierzynski

White Sox catcher and two-time All-Star

  1. What was your “A-ha! I’m a dad” moment?
    The first night when my daughter was born. She wouldn’t
    stop crying and my wife was still on medication. There was no way I
    was going to be able to sleep.
  2. What is the most important lesson you want to teach
    your kids?
    Just to respect people, their beliefs and accept people
    for who they are.
  3. What do you like and dislike about raising kids in
    I like that everything is close, you can walk all over
    and visit parks and just be outdoors. I don’t like the
  4. What is your favorite game to play with your kids
    (besides baseball)?
    My kids love to play Hide & Seek.
  5. So, are you teaching them baseball?
    My son is just learning how to play baseball. We play
    catch and he hits a little. My daughter loves soccer.
  6. Pictured with his wife, Lisa, and Ava,
    4, and Austin, 3.

David Navarro

Co-anchor of Good Day Chicago on FOX Chicago News

The moment I first felt like a dad was when it was time to bring
my newborn son home from the hospital. His birth brought us such
joy and happiness, and I will never forget how he tightly held onto
my fingers seconds after his birth. When it was time to go, I
tenderly placed him in his car seat carrier and double checked he
was safe and secure. I carefully lifted it up and walked through
the halls like I was carrying plutonium. I felt as though one
misstep and the entire city would be lost. … I have jumped out of
planes. I have reported from riots. Nothing was as terrifying.

When I swung the car seat into the back of the car, my
confidence was immediately shaken. No matter how much I tried, I
could not get it to properly secure in place. The discharging nurse
gave me a look that said, ‘Here’s another clueless dad.’ With a
ninja-like move, she slipped the car seat into its spot and wished
us well. I wondered if I could ever be that cool.

I carefully avoided every pothole, every crack, every piece of
rubbish. Before me was years of holidays and birthdays, years of
unmatched happiness all starting with this day, the day I became a

Eric Ferguson

Co-host of The Eric & Kathy Show, 101.9fm THE MIX, WTMX

I had a moment recently that may not have been the first time I
felt like a dad, but it was definitely one of the best. I’m a huge
sports fan, and my kids-through genetics or luck-have become that
way, too. We were at the Blackhawks Game 5 against the Predators.
Both of my girls and my son were really into it. When Patrick Kane
scored with 13 seconds left, all three kids leaped into my arms
laughing and slapping high fives. My son hugged me and burst into
tears. When I asked what was wrong, he looked me in the eye and
said, ‘I’m so happy we’re here togeth

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