My fantasy home team

My husband and 12 year old son are kicking some major booty with their Fantasy Football team this fall. They’ve recruited well, made some sweet trades and now follow the latest league advice on who to bench and who to have suit up each Sunday. I’m kinda jealous. I want a fantasy team, too.

But instead of a bunch of guys knocking into each other, I want a fantasy team who wants to play my game. A group to advise me on the stuff that makes my heart flutter or just to help me with the day to day. Here’s a look at my first-round draft picks for the ultimate Fantasy Home Team.

  • 1. Personal Stylist: Rachel Zoe


    Rachel Zoe

    C’mon, how awesome would it be to dress like a rock star in your late thirties and not end up looking like a moron? Rachel knows how to pull off sexy middle-aged cool. It might suck a little that she is the size of my pinkie, but the fashion advice would be worth it. And I’m sure I could fatten her up.

  • 2. Personal Chef: Ina Garten (AKA The Barefoot Contessa)


    The Barefoot Contessa

    This adorable warm-natured woman’s recipes make my whole family happy. Her creations are simple and pure and down right yummy. Think comfort food with class. And most importantly, my husband will agree to any J. Crew purchase if I have one of her roasted chickens waiting for him when he gets home from work.

  • 3. Decorator: Nate Berkus


    Nate Berkus

    I happen to know Nate a little and here’s what I love about him. He’s as nice and sweet and lovable as he appears on TV, his taste is impeccable- and his vision? A mix of simple elegance, super chic, and earthy … with a bit of homegrown comfort sprinkled on top. Plus he’s the kind of guy you want as a best friend and I wouldn’t have to worry about him making a move on me as we measured the closets.

  • 4. Go-to girlfriend: Kelly Ripa


    Kelly Ripa

    This girl would be the pal that could make you laugh til you wet yourself, would be the best shopping buddy ever, and she could show you step by step how she got such a rockin’ body after three kids. And I love that she digs her small boobs and refuses to have breast implants. Because of her, I’ve come to embrace my tiny ta-tas too.

  • 5. Manny/ #1 babysitter: Ben Roethlisberger


    Ben Roethlisberger

    If you know me, then this pick is no surprise. We are a die-hard Steeler loving family and living in Chicago has made us even more loyal to the black and gold. My boys would pass out if Big Ben came to play. Plus I’d love to see him tuck my boys into bed and read them a little Harry Potter. And I’d even allow him to bring his friends Troy P. and Hines W. to keep him company after the kids were in bed. My only rule? NO GIRLS.

Okay girls….who would you pick for your fantasy home team? I’m dyin’ to know.

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