Mermaids and music: Fancy Nancy mesmerizes

Ooh-La-La! Fancy Nancy took a giant leap off the not-so-black-and-white pages of Jane O’Connor’s series and onto the pink and purple Apollo Theater stage for the first time January 31.

If you go

Fancy Nancy: The Musical

Tickets begin at , but a limited number of seats are available for each performance.

Apollo Theatre

2549 N. Lincoln Ave.


And with Fancy’s first pirouette, tiny fancy girls everywhere were mesmerized. It was an adorably lavish musical adaption of Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet, which took some lines straight from the book, and took a few creative turns, which surprisingly added to the novel.

The story tells the tale of an over-the-top Fancy Nancy, who gets cast as the role of the tree instead of the mermaid in the Mermaid Ballet – and must find a way to be reconcile this. It teaches a lesson, and it also shows children that they can even find a way to make a plain old tree – fancy.

Katrina Kiss as Fancy Nancy was smiley and cute, but shockingly stealing the show was Micah Kronlokken as Lionel, who was cast as the shark in the Mermaid Ballet. He did a shark rap during the ballet, which was hysterical and impressive.

The show was adorable, sweet and engaging for all ages – even for adults. During the quiet sections, not a peep could be heard, and during the funny parts (there were many of these), the audience exploded in giggles.

The 60-minute show – like the books – is best for 3- to 8-year-old girls, as it’s based on getting dressed up and getting excited for dancing in a ballet. But anyone who sees it should enjoy it.

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