7 ways to seize the fun this fall in Chicago

The leaves are getting crisp, but that’s no reason to let the family fun cool. Here are some ways to fall into fabulous fall, with the kids or just on your own as a couple.

1 Fall foliage

Leave the kids at home and schedule a romantic ride above the treetops. Chicago Helicopter Express offers downtown tours for two or four-a fantastic way to take in this colorful season. Take advantage of the sale beginning this month at and

2 Fall back

You don’t have to wait until the end of this month to fall back (Daylight Savings Time ends Oct. 31). Fall back into a pit of soft foam at Sky High in Niles-perfect fun in any kind of weather.

3 Free fall

Drop 20 stories at 62 mph on the Giant Drop! There’s still time to hit Six Flags in Gurnee (open weekends until Oct. 27). Fright Fest adds more frightful fun to your fall for sure.

4 Fall off (or rather, into) the truck

A good fall back for game-addicted families-The Game Truck, a gaming party on wheels-provides everything you need for fun, out of the house! No mess, Mom. Kids fall into fun with HD TVs and a wide selection of Xbox360 and Wii games and a GameCoach to manage the chaos. Great fun for cooling fall days.

5 Like fall outside

Check out the city’s newest hot spot, The Local, where you can sit outside in a fantastic living garden with 3,000 types of plants. If you go, try the lobster quesadillas. 198 E. Delaware Place, Chicago. thelocal

6 Fall in the forest

Fill up the car and head to the fabulous forest at Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin for a fantastic fall hike.

7 All fall down

Plan a retro night at home with one of the oldest games that makes falling fun: Dominos. A little pizza delivery-from Domino’s, of course-completes the fall evening!

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