Back to school fall fashion for kids

Dressing for success starts early. We asked some Chicago area students to model these motivating back-to-school looks. Thanks to stylist Suze Solari for helping pick just the right items to inspire a successful school year.

For the girls

Ruth, 7: Pink lined jacket, $49.95, Gap; Tea Collection Lenefeld play dress, $39; pink striped leggings, $24, Sugarcup Trading Company; LOVE organic cotton scarf, $25.99, Geppetto’s Toy Box.

Essence, 4: Sequin embellished zip-front hoodie, $24.99, and navy button leggings, $12.95, Gap; Tea Collection sumi floral dress, $35, Sugarcup Trading Company.

For the boys

Vincent, 7: Flat-front khakis, $29.95, Gap; Tea Collection city biker T-shirt, $26, Sugarcup Trading Company; Hatley Dinosaur umbrella, $19.99, Geppetto’s Toy Box.

Rowan, 7: Garment-dyed Bomber Jacket, $39.95, Gap; Tea Collection lapa polo shirt, $30, Sugarcup Trading Company.

All children were outfitted with clothes from Gap, Sugarcup Trading Company, Geppetto’s Toy Box and Diana Shoes of Oak Park

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