Fab Mama finds: You deserve good loving

This month I encourage you to aim Cupid’s arrow directly at yourself. It’s sweet to be loved by others, but we also need to wrap those loving arms around ourselves every now and again and FEEL the love.

Here are some ways to help get you started.

Here are some ways to help get you started.

Give yourself a hand

How many times have you thought to yourself “dang, I wish I were a celebrity just so I could have a crack team of personal assistants, too”? I have many times. Well, dream no further, girls!

Say hello to Alter Ego Concierge. This Chicago-based, full-service company is perfect for busy moms with too many balls in the air. Teams of folks are at the ready to assist you with everything from basic childcare to organizing your home, running errands, scheduling travel or preparing meals. It’s completely personalized and all of the staff have been vetted. Where do I sign up, right? AlterEgo.com

Luscious library ofgourmet chocolate

A girl has got to have a little chocolate on Valentine’s Day. So if you’re going to indulge, skip the cheap stuff and nibble instead on the way chocolate is supposed to be made. This collection of delicate chocolate “books” are ones you’ll definitely have trouble putting down. , giftinggrace.com

Instant gratification

Take yourself back to the days of the quirky Polaroid camera and the thrill of watching your photo magically slide out a few seconds later. This adorable camera is super-fun to capture the everyday moments of life that remind you how blessed and loved you really are. I like to post these retro pics all over my fridge or in a “life is LOVE-ly” scrapbook. FugiFilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Gratification Camera, , Instax twin pack of film, , giftinggrace.com

Sole therapy

Our feet are under a lot of pressure. We rely on them to get us where we need to go, to respond quickly, and to help us stand firm. Oh, and we’d like them to look cute while doing it. This month give your tired dogs a treat. Here are four simple ways to proceed:

  • Sole Goddess. This lovely foot balm was created by image consultant Danielle Lutz, left, who does walking tours through some of Chicago’s chicest spots. Her mission was to make even the sexiest platforms into walking shoes. Simply glide it on before slipping on your heels and it forms an invisible shield that helps protect against blisters and calluses. solegoddess.com
  • SoleSociety.com. This up-and-coming shopping site is basically a shoe of the month club for the hip and heel obsessed. After taking a “style profile” online, a selection of shoes is placed into your online “closet” each month. If you like what the stylists have chosen for you, they are sent for only .95, with no shipping. Trendy, beautiful shoes dropped at your door each month? Yes, please.
  • Shea Socks. I recently popped into Bath and Body Works at Ogilvie Transportation Center before catching my train, and on a whim bought a pair of “Shea infused socks.” They were ridiculously soft and my feet were aching. This impulse buy has now turned into one of my most favorite things. It’s like walking on a lotion cloud. Your feet will thank me later for telling you about this piece of awesome. .50, Bath and Body Works
  • Super Soft Merino Wool Booties.It’s February in Chicago and fantastic slippers are a necessity. These delicious wool booties have fun and toasty written all over them. Gray or cream, .99, giftinggrace.
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