Fab Mama’s picks: Trends to fall for this season

Every September, top fashion magazines unleash their thickest, most trend-setting issue. They’re massive, they’re shiny and they are considered the syllabi of style for fall and winter.

Trends to let lie this season, sisters

  • Feather embellished shoes. Unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow, this
    is just a big fat no.
  • The leopard print mini dress. Again, “Pole Dancer” should not
    be your fashion ambition. Aim higher.
  • That feather hair extension thingy. (I know I’m going to get
    flack for this because I have mom pals who have them.) NOTE: A.
    They were invented for 6-year-olds. B. They don’t make you look
    rebellious, edgy or hip.
  • Neon eye shadow. Again, unless you’re Gwyneth or 6, move
  • Lingerie as outerwear. Enough said.

And I buy them all.

After much hunting and gathering, I’m here to share the trends I believe moms should embrace-and the ones we ought to leave to the 19-year-olds on the runway.

Trap it up

“Trapper chic” is all about looking like you could kill a bear with your bare hands and then cook it up in your SoHo apartment. Try BDG’s plaid ruana, $42, Urban Outfitters.

I am all about the “furry vest” again this year. But to avoid looking like a pole-dancer, stick with neutrals and pop it over a more conservative top. I recommend the faux fur vest, $39.99, TJ Maxx.

One word: Dolman

The loose and scoopy Dolman top is all the rage this fall. I think it’s ideal for busy moms who long for comfort and style all in one.

Try it over a tank a bit off-the-shoulder, too.

The asymmetrical-neck Dolman top, pink, taupe or charcoal, $17.94, Old Navy.

Tom-boys have more fun

We may refer to it as “husband” rather than “boyfriend” chic, but either way, you can rock his look without looking sloppy if you know what you’re doing.

Start with a boyfriend jean made for chicks. My favorite is the classic Levi 501 version, $78.

Then pair it with a deep V-tee in 32 colors, $24, American Apparel (watch that V girls, it’s definitely deep).

Add a pair of cool sneaks, Slip-on Converse, $34.99, Target.

Don’t forget an amazing jacket, British tweed blazer, available in several colors, $224, Boden, (worth the splurge simply because it will never go out of style).

Give yourselfa wedgie

They’re back, girls. The ankle booties have come around again as a major shoe trend this year, and I think they’ll be here again next year, too. The best one for fast-footed moms is my favorite style, the wedge.

Pair these shoes with skinny or rolled-up jeans or tights and a denim or plaid skirt.

Suede Wedge Bootie, TJ Maxx.

Sharpen your pencils

Short or long, the pencil skirt is a classic worth investing in, and it’s totally trending this fall. And don’t be afraid of its slim style, it’s way more flattering than you think.

Truly Madly Deeply below-the-knee pencil skirt, available in three fun patterns, $19.99, Urban Outfitters.

Stretch pencil skirt, $69.50, Banana Republic

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