Fab Mama | Get a summer glow, a blinged-out watch, and smooth legs

Savoring summertime sunning

Though your days spent poolside with the kiddos are limited before they’re back to school, your skin can maintain that healthy summer glow with three fabulous products from LUSH, Benefit and Dr. Denese.

If you’ve found yourself a little too eager to get in those final rays of sun, grab some Ultrabalm from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics,$14.95. Made from natural oils and waxes, this product can be used for almost everything skin related, including lip balm, shaping brows into place, taming dry heels and elbows, softening cuticles and, of course, calming sunburn. The balm applies smoothly and has a very light scent.

When you’ve hit the point where you’re spending more time indoors than out, Benefit Cosmetics has glow-enhancing help for you. After makeup, apply a little bit of girl meets pearl, $30, for radiant skin. The luminous liquid is easily applied and feels great, thanks to the aid of raspberry and chamomile. The light-refracting pigments create a glow. Girl meets pearl is available online and in stores mid- to late-August.

For the gal who isn’t all that into sunning herself, Dr. Denese has the Glow Younger Clear Self Tanner, $21, which actually looks good once you’ve applied it. Fab Mama has tested a lot of self-tanning regimens and this is one of the best. The clear gel offers a natural looking-read: not orange-glow and actually helps hydrate your skin. As with all self-tanning, be mindful of where you’re applying; no one likes streaks and missed spots. The best time to self-tan is right out of the shower, so talk your honey into watching the kids for some mommy-alone time. Don’t worry, application is quick, but prepare for 20-minute dry time. Think of it as a little peace-and-quiet timeout.

A gal’s best friend

We can all thank Marilyn Monroe for making famous the grand old ditty “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And we can thank Diamond G Shock for creating really sparkly watches in vibrant colors to flash on our wrists. The platinum-plated sterling silver watches are frosted in more than 500 cubic zirconium stones, each sitting in their own four-prong setting. The watches, $549, come in hip, bursting colors: pink, purple and green. Next time someone asks you what time it is, you’ll want to let them know. You can wink and tell them it’s bling o’clock.

Sugar those legs

Shaving your legs is the pits, but the idea of waxing at home is, well, frightful. Too many tales of the wax taking more than just the hair away is too much for you to “bare.” There’s a great alternative, and it doesn’t involve letting it grow out Mo’Nique-style. Shobha Sugaring Scrub is a little like waxing, only gentler. Priced at $30, the kit is far less expensive than going to a spa.

The sugaring gel is made from natural ingredients, which means it’s free of wax, resin, parabens, dyes or fragrances. Fab Mama gave it a test run and it wasn’t as bad as expected. There was little irritation, and it didn’t hurt as much as I remembered during my first attempt in college. The kit comes with sugaring gel, talc-free powder, denim strips (which you can reuse), spatulas and an instruction booklet. Cleanup is easy-just add water-and best of all, this stuff is bikini-area friendly, too.

Custom Kicks

Celebrate the last few weeks of sandal weather with custom footwear from Aetrex. Flimsy flip-flops can put a lot of wear and tear on your feet over the summer months, so finding the right pair is vital. Even as you close out the family getaways and days at beachside, you’re going to need sensible footwear.

The customizable Sandalistas from Aetrex come in six styles, including the Fab Mama favorite, the Labella, a fully adjustable thong. With four colors to choose from, including Blue Snake, Sandalistas, which range from $134-$140, offer a removable footbed with memory foam, built-in support, adjustable straps and a fabric lining that wicks moisture away from the foot. You’ll take balance and stability any day. These sandals will get you there.

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