Free yoga classes and Southern Comfort drink recipes

You can only be a parent superstar when you feel your best. Let’s be honest, sometimes your kids, your husband, your mommy duties can be a little too much. Don’t feel guilty, there’s a pretty good chance your gal pals are feeling the same way. The cure for this: a rock star mommy play date.

Mocktail Recipes (alcohol-free)


Rock-Star Mommy


    • Lemon-Lime Soda


    • Pink Lemonade


    • Muddled Raspberries


    • Serve over crushed ice



The Booster-Sweet


    • Lemonade


    • Honey


    • Sweet Tea


    • Served over ice with a rock-candy garnish



Refresh Mama


    • Green Tea


    • Lemonade


    • a Sprig of Rosemary





    • Lemonade


    • Splash of Grape


    • Splash of Pomegranate


    • Splash of Pineapple


    • Blend with a scoop of vanilla Yogurt


    • Serve with a Banana Garnish and a side of Graham Crackers



Southern Comfort Cocktail Recipes:




Need to relax? Try these delicious, devilish drink recipes from
Southern Comfort. Or for a dose of buzz-free flavor, check out the
non-alcoholic mixes below.




Boo: A term of endearment


    • 1.5 oz Southern Comfort 70 Proof


    • ¼ oz Chambord


    • Muddled Raspberries


    • Served over crushed ice.



Beignet: The French term for fried dough


    • 1.5 oz Southern Comfort 70 Proof


    • ¼ oz Simple Syrup


    • ¼ oz Vanilla Syrup


    • Mix with ice, strain and serve in a martini glass


    • Add a marshmallow garnish to the top



Gris-gris: Amulet, talisman, or charm, worn for
luck or used to conjure evil on enemies by the Voodoo devotees


    • 1.5 oz Southern Comfort 70 Proof


    • 1 oz Blackberry Brandy


    • Serve chilled, no ice, in a martini glass with a blackberry



Mamaloi: Voodoo priestess.


    • 1.5 oz Southern Comfort 70 Proof


    • ¼ oz Club Soda


    • Drop in a Fizz Candy or Dry Ice!


    • Serve chilled in a martini glass


    • Garnish the rim with brown sugar



Minou: A cat. (Fr. minet, kitten.)


    • ¾ oz Southern Comfort 70 Proof


    • 3/4 oz Cinnamon Schnapps


    • Chill and seve as a shot




Treme: A New Orleans neighborhood.


    • 2 parts Southern Comfort Lime


    • 1 part Ginger Beer


    • Served over ice with mint leaf garnish.




Big Easy:


    • 1 part Southern Comfort 70 proof,


    • 1 part muddled peaches


    • 1 part club soda served over ice.



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Your wardrobe, rings and a getaway


According to party planner Jes Gordon a successful gathering is all in the planning. Gordon would know; she’s worked plenty of events with Jennifer Lopez, Vera Wang and Bono. To help you and your friends, she’s shared her ideas for creating a rock star play date just for moms.

This day is all about you and your friends. Bring back the days before diapers and school projects were your main focus. To ensure everyone gets something out of it, Gordon suggests making a fantasy list. “Each person needs to get a lot out of this play date,” she says. “This is why you focus on the things everyone loves.”

Need ideas? Gordon has a few: Treat yourselves to a driver and go vineyard hopping, go for pampering at a spa day or rent a cabin for the weekend and go exploring. For a fab twist, pair up cupcakes from your favorite bakery with complementing cocktails. Check out great recipe ideas for non- and alcoholic cocktails from Southern Comfort at

“Women can sit and talk about what they’re doing. … Mix in fabulous cocktails and you’re done.”

It may sound nerdy, but holding a pre-gathering meeting will make your party flow much smoother, Gordon says. Work out all of the details through e-mail. Share your fantasy list, set a budget that everyone can handle, pick a date and assign each mom a job or two. If the group is feeling extra organized, create an itinerary, but stay flexible.

Power of Om

There’s nothing sour about lululemon athletica. In fact, the yoga outfitting company is so sweet its stores offer complimentary yoga and fitness classes every week. Yoga, which helps with flexibility, is also a great way to take a break from the kids and clear your mind for an hour. And honestly, you can’t beat free. The classes are great for meeting yoga and fitness instructors around town since a different yoga studio sends its best instructors each month. If you haven’t tried it, lululemon’s classes aren’t intimidating, which is perfect for beginners or advanced yogis. Lululemon has four locations in Chicago and four in the suburbs.

A star-worthy parfum

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