The F Word

My daughter walks in and says, “I know what the F word is”. OK, so here we are. She is going into 2


grade, I knew this was inevitable, but it still feels soon. I ask her what it is and she is correct; she knows the F word.

I ask her where she heard it and she says that it’s written on the slide at the park. I guess this is the only downside to being able to read.

I ask her if she has any questions about the F word and she says she wants to know why she can’t say it. I explain to her that it’s an adult word, but kids like to use it, usually because it makes them feel older.

I tell her that as she gets older she is going to hear this word and other adult words, but that doesn’t mean that they are appropriate words to use. I tell her that there are plenty of words out there to express herself and she doesn’t have to use words that can hurt or offend people.

I tell her that if she ever has a question about a word to feel free to talk to me about it. I tell her that as she gets older she will hear more things that might be confusing and part of my job is to make them not so confusing.

She nods and thinks for a few minutes. “I know the S word, too”. OK, I say, tell me the S word. Quietly she whispers in my ear, “It’s stupid“. I breathe a sigh of relief. I know things are coming and I’m getting ready, but it’s nice to know that she can be 7 a little while longer.

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