What he didn’t expect when she was expecting

Culled from the vast and ever-expanding parent blogosphere, I bring you a true diamond in the rough.“What I didn’t expect when she was expecting” is a blog from Eric Rush, a New Jersey resident expecting his first child, a boy to be named Evan, with his fiancee, Shawna.

The blog itself is a little rough around the edges — feels like a running diary of Eric’s thoughts — but it highlights what is so often an overlooked experience. While she’s dealing with swollen feet and pickle cravings, he’s wondering what the heck happened to his wife — and his life.

Rush was just a teenager when his first child, a daughter, was born. He admits he missed out on a lot the first time around. “I was immature and didn’t necessarily realize that every moment was so special,” he says.

That’s a philosophy he embraced with gusto this time around. When Shawna told him she was pregnant, he was determined not to let any moment go unrecorded. What began as a personal diary, to be shared and laughed at years down the road, has snowballed; with almost 500 Facebook fans and a steady stream of followers, Rush says she’s thrilled with his venture into the blogosphere.

“I’m the last person I ever thought would be a ‘published writer,’ but it’s been a blast,” he says.

He says he started publishing the blog with the intention of talking to other fathers, but the comments that started pouring in surprised him.

“They’re mostly from women,” he said. “So now it’s become a ‘hey, ladies, take it easy on your guys, doesn’t mean to be a jerk, this is the way we’relooking at it. I’m hoping that it hits both sides of the relationship.”

Read the blog or become aFacebook fan.

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