Enjoy these fun reads

THE TRUTH-TELLER’S TALE, by Sharon Shinn, Viking, paperback $7.99; ages 12-14.

Eleda and Adele are mirror twins, daughters of innkeepers living in medieval times. Eleda cannot tell a lie and Adele is burdened with the secrets of others.

The story takes us through the girls’ teen years to the time when love and romance enter into the picture.

In some ways, this story is a simple teen romance. But in other ways it is more like a fairy tale, full of kings and queens, princes, dances, deception, riches and grandiose characters.

HALF MOON INVESTIGATIONS, by Eoin Colfer, Miramax, paperback $7.99; ages 10-13.

Fletcher Moon is 12 and not the most popular kid in school. Though he is small, he is an official private detective, a graduate of a private detective academy.

April hires him to prove one of the Sharkey brothers stole something from her. Fletcher is happy to take the case because the Sharkey brothers are bullies.

But Fletcher discovers the brothers are not the bad guys in this case. Fletcher finds himself hiding from his parents, hiding from the police and using the Sharkey brothers to help him solve the case.

TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES, by Michael Hoeye, Putnam, $15.99; ages 9-12.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my old friend Hermux is back. In this third book in the series, Linka and Hermux plan their wedding, but Hermux is having a hard time getting into the mood. Then rose magnate Androse deRosenquil has a job for Hermux. Linka is excited because Androse lives in Thorny End and she wants to check out the hotel there for the reception.

While Linka is trying to plan a wedding, Hermux is fixing a clock, saving the roses, trying not to get stung by killer bees, finding a missing squirrel and solving a long-lost mystery.

COVER-UP: MYSTERY AT THE SUPER BOWL, by John Feinstein, Knopf Books for Young Readers, $16.99; ages 9-12.

This is the third book in John Feinstein’s sports series. Our two top teen reporters, Steve and Susan Carol, are reporting at the Super Bowl. With their press credentials, they are able to have access to almost any part of the Super Bowl, including the players.

Susan Carol finds herself at a late night press party, where an executive whispers a secret about players and steroids. Susan Carol and Steve now have a huge story on their hands. They need proof.

Feinstein is able to put us behind the scenes of professional sports and make us feel as if we are really there.

ECLIPSE (Twilight, Book 3), by Stephenie Meyer, Little, Brown Young Readers, $18.99; ages 13 and up.

The series is about a typical high school love triangle-Bella, Jacob and Edward.

But that is not really what it is about at all. Bella and Edward are in love. Jacob is in love with Bella. Bella has feelings for Jacob. Edward and Jacob hate each other. Enough said? Well not exactly.

There is still the part about Bella being the only human of the three. Jacob is a werewolf. Edward, who seems to be 17, is really a century old vampire. Who will Bella choose?

Sandi Pedersen is the mom of four and the Web mistress for Chicago Parent.

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