Egg Carton Caterpillar

These little critters are an easy project for preschool-aged children.


  1. Cut the top off an egg carton and recycle or save for anotheruse.
  2. Cut the bottom part of the carton down the middle into two evenrows.
  3. Paint each “caterpillar” whatever colors you choose and letdry. Use glitter or other embellishments to decorate. Decide whichside is going to be the “head” of your caterpillar and poke twoholes for antennae.
  4. Cut a pipe cleaner into a two 3-inch pieces. Knot each piece atthe end and poke through the holes, bending to form antennae.Attach two adhesive eyes or draw in your own eyes. Set these creepycrawlers loose in your backyard garden.


  • One cardboard egg carton (Styrofoam egg cartons will not workfor this project)
  • Poster paints
  • Paint brush
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Adhesive “googly” eyes (optional)
  • Glitter glue or other embellishments (optional)
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