Eating the winter blahs

Sure, it’s unseasonably warm here in the City of Big Shoulders, but it’s still grey and crummy and will be for months. Feeling sluggish and low and vitamin deficient? The dads are here with their trademark sagacity and pragmatism to help you beat those seasonal blues black and blue.

WDP8: Eating the winter blahs by ChicagoParent

Todd suggests a “staycation” – probably at a water park. D.M. Says that growing up in rural Illinois in the 80’s, he’d never heard of indoor water parks, but if he had, he’d have gone mad pining to visit one.

Can’t afford an indoor water park? DIY by running a hose into your bathroom!

Matt can’t think of any kinds of staycations that don’t involve fornication or water parks – the other Dads remind him of something called “museums”, but don’t really recommend them.

D.M. talks about a place near his new home in Syracuse, NY where children dangle precariously on climbing ropes hundreds of feet above your head while you eat chicken fingers and pray the harnesses hold.

Finally, Matt defies conventional wisdom by suggesting you fatten up this winter and indulge your every epicurean whim.

There’ll be plenty of time to crash diet in April.

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