Experience a personal chef in your home with Kitchensurfing

Do you know what’s great about having a personal chef at your disposal for an evening? (Wait, did I really just type that sentence?)

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Spoiler: Everything is great about that scenario. Everything. Because, let’s face it, no matter how fun it is to host a dinner party, a good chunk of your time as hostess is spent prepping, serving, clearing and facilitating. Now, if you take those tasks out of the equation, what are you left with? A wonderfully easy – and easily wonderful – special occasion.

Kitchensurfing, a fun way to bring talented, local chefs right to your home, is your newest knight in stainless steel armor. And it couldn’t be more simple to handpick your menu, choose your chef, and then … relax. These pros show up with all of the gear and food necessary, then work their multi-course magic while you have fun. Prices are per person, taking all the guesswork out of hosting an event like this, and saving you buckets of money when compared to a traditional night out with transit, babysitters, and the like. Best of all? They clean up the whole shebang, leaving you with the all-important task of eating leftovers after your guests have gone home for the evening.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Kitchensurfing dinner party at the home of my friend and colleague Shannan with some of my favorite Chicago Parent folks. Not only was the company fantastic, and the hostess gracious, but the meal was seamlessly executed.

The theme from our meal was Fall Italian, and here’s what we got: A trio of crostini with roasted beets and ricotta, grape tomato bruschetta, zucchini ribbons and herbed goat cheese; two bean minestrone with pancetta; mixed greens salad with balsamic glazed prosciutto; pork roast with porcini garlic parmesan cream over soft polenta; sautéed broccoli; tiramisu (and deliciously prepared coffee, always a bonus in my over-caffeinated book). Everything was incredibly delicious, and I probably could’ve kept eating for days. (But out of respect for Shannan, I returned to my own house that evening.)

Personal chef Kristin Koury clearly knows her way around the kitchen and was a sweetheart, to boot. Many of us have already made plans to host our own Kitchensurfing events in the future.

I just hope I’m on the guest list.

This post was sponsored by Kitchensurfing.com. Writer was compensated. Opinions are her own.

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